Member Benefits


▶ Please sign up on, if you checkout with login in and the shopping cart meet the purchase condition of Order Reward Credits, a reminder will appear under the “Applied Promotions” and “Order Summary” in the cart to reveal how many credits you can get after paying the order.

▶ The system will send credits to your account after orders are Paid.

▶ The system will give away record credits when the following conditions are all fulfilled:

1. Rewarding credit only applies exclusively to members, members must be logged in during checkout to be entitled to get rewarded. If the customer ticks "I want to become a member" during checkout, he/she will not be considered as logged in and thus, even if the order amount meets the minimum purchase condition, the customer will not receive reward credits

2. The System will only send credits to members when their orders are in "Paid" status and have met the minimum order amount requirement:

If the unpaid order is edited/split in the unpaid state, the system will determine whether to send the reward credits according to the new order amount after the parent order is updated to Paid.
Child orders (order number ending with A to Z) will not be processed after the order is split.
3. The system will only offer the reward credits after the order amount still fulfills the criterion after being deducted by discounts including store-wide/custom product discounts, member tier discounts, store credits, the delivery fee, and payment fees.

4. The rule for offering the order reward credit is that when the payment status of the member's order is changed to "Paid", the system will check whether there is a logged-in member when the order is placed, and whether the amount of the order meets the current order reward credits conditions. The time when the order is established is not considered.

If the member’s order is changed to "Paid" at the moment, and the order reward credits feature is not enabled, the member will not receive the credits.

For example,

Merchant A enables the order reward credits feature on Double 11 (11/11). Only the member orders whose payment status is changed to "Paid" on 11/11 can get the credit.

If Merchant A disables the order reward credits feature after 11/11 23:59, if a member places an order on 11/11, but the payment is completed after the feature is disabled at 11/11 23:59, even if the order meets conditions for order reward credits, the member will not receive the credits.

However, if a member placed an order before 11/11, but completed the payment on 11/11, since the store has enabled the order reward credits feature at the moment of payment, if the order amount placed by the member meets the conditions of the order reward credits, the member will receive the credits.

5. After the order reward credits are offered to the customer, even if the order status is updated to "Cancelled", the system will not retract the credits automatically. Merchants can deduct it manually after case-by-case consideration. 

6. If the payment status of a customer’s order is changed to "Paid" while a store is closed, the system will not automatically send out order reward credits. 

7.  Customers will receive email notifications when the order reward credits are offered. If the SMS feature is enabled, customers will also receive SMS notifications.

▶ Enjoy 12 awesome months of 20 BEAUTY DAY Online membership.

▶  Birthday Gift

1. When you sign up for a 20 BEAUTY DAY account, you may be asked to add your birthday, you can't change your birthday once it confirmed.

2. If you use Facebook to sign up your account, please don't forget to enter your birthday in your Account Information.

3. Birthday Gift will be send into your account before your previous birthday month on 25th-30th.

4. The Birthday Gift can be use in whole birthday month, the day after your birthday month is when the coupon becomes officially invalid.

5. If you haven't received your Birthday Gift, please contact our customer service on your birthday month.

As a member, you get access to 20 LUCKY DAY event where you can save big every 20th of each month, the higher your tier, the better your discount!

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20 BEAUTY DAY may, in its sole discretion, alter, limit, or modify the tier rules, regulations, benefits, eligibility for membership, or any other feature of a particular tier or may terminate a particular tier at any time in its sole discretion, without prior notice except as expressly set out in these Terms or required by applicable law.